“Shooting with Yasia was so much fun, we instantly clicked when we first met, it was easy shooting ideas off each other. We worked quick and got all the images we both wanted. We talked for a couple days only online and exchanged ideas back and forth as I was still in Virginia. Once I got to Chicago and we finally got together we had a similar vibe in what we both wanted and were able to achieve the looks we wanted. A lot of the sets just that we took just came naturally. I posted a travel notice for Chicago and, Just Breezies actually referred me to Yasia. I’m so glad you guys did because she was so awesome! I’ll continue to shoot for a couple different national and local brands and companies and keep on getting the Rico Marcelo Photography brand out there! Follow all our social media!!”

Rico Marcelo

“I had a blast working with Rico. We had so much fun and got a lot of great images. I hope we get to work together in the future! We share the same passion for photography, so after sending each other few ideas and moodboards we pretty much knew what we’d like to shoot. Honestly, coming up with concepts is my favorite part. 🙂  Rico discovered me on Instagram, he sent me a DM saying that he is flying out to Chicago for a few days and would like to shoot. Of course, after stalking his IG, I said “YES!”.  I am hoping to get more into modeling. This is my passion, and something I’d love to pursue as a career. I just love meeting new people and making art together. So yeah, we shall see what future holds! :)”

– Yasia Cherevyk


– Nikon

– Sigma 35mm

– Natural light

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