“The experience was amazing. Such a good energy & we got to shoot so many fun sets along with this one. We came up with the sets while I was still in NJ, just brainstorming some fun ideas we had together! Our Airbnb made for the perfect background setting to her fierce and sexy outfits. We found each other through Instagram and we hope to work together in the future next time I get to Miami!”

– Chelsea Jordan

“I loved working with Chelsea for this shoot. It was refreshing to shoot with a female photographer for a change. She still made me feel sexy in front of the camera. Chelsea sent me some inspiration photos as far as wardrobe and feel of the different looks. Then I brought some things I thought she would like and she styled everything together. She has such an eye for fashion which is awesome for a photographer. Chelsea found me on Instagram and reached out to me with dates she would be in Miami. I immediately said yes! I loved her work! I’m shooting little jobs here and there and just booked a campaign for a new jewelry company. I’m also a makeup artist so a lot of my time is behind the camera, which I also love.

– Tami Donaldson


– Canon 7D

– Canon 85mm 1.4

– Sigma 35 mm 1.2

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