“The shoot was very laid back! Sydney Müller is a pleasure to work with. She brings tons of ideas to the table and we have a dope working respect for creativity. Seriously this last look was completely unexpected, but given the opportunity to shoot another look with the sunset going ham in the background, I had to cease the opportunity! We live in a small area so you’re bound to run into the same models from time to time. I reached out to Sydney. She has such an outgoing personality so it was really easy to make things happen. I’m just trying to get better from every shoot and see where it takes me. AS ALWAYS KEEP CREATING DOPE SHIT!”

– James Delaney

“I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with James on photo shoots because we allow one another to be creative while also challenging one another to take our talent to the next level. We came up with this concept on a whim one day during a shoot for a completely different concept. I had packed my bodysuit thinking nothing of it, and when I offered it up as an outfit option at the end of the day as we started to lose sunlight, he quickly said “yes” just so we didn’t miss out on any last little bit of light. In the end, these photos were our favourites out of all of the other outfits we’d shot that day. We started working together when he reached out to me through Instagram, and after our first shoot, we just started collaborating on shoots every other week after that! I’m very blessed to have met a photographer who respects and encourages my sense of creativity and input and I look forward to seeing what the future has in store for both of us as a team and individually!
In the future, I would love to be published in print and I would also love to work closely with a company and model their clothing and/or lingerie.”

Sydney Müller

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