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Alternative Soul-Pop. If that genre intrigues you, keep reading. Snoh Aalegra, 28 year old Persian singer and songwriter, released her second EP Don’t Explain on April 8 after having released two songs from the EP earlier this month; “Under the Influence” and “In Your River”. The soulstress lays it out on this mini album with vocals that parallel greats like Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill. You’ll think the soundtrack of a vintage 007 film is harmoniously playing.

Growing up in Stockholm, Sweden, Aalegra listened to a lot of soul music with significant which beneficially influenced her sound today. At the young age of 9, she informed her mom of a wish to create music. Her mother, thinking it was a childhood phase, asked Snoh again when she was 14 but the answer remained the same. Tracking down a manger from a record label didn’t prove difficult due to Aalegra’s talent, however, things happened to not work out after she signed to Sony Sweden. Despite the unfortune, it was the beginning of her venture into the industry that provided an elusive stepping stone for her to tread forward. The likes of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Prince, Lauryn Hill, and Whitney Houston were the artists who, through her headphones, played a vital role in shaping Aalegra’s style and aura.

What she describes as a no-brainer was her relocating to Los Angeles from Sweden. The considerable move allowed Snoh to pursue her musical vision while being herself due to the ubiquity of aspiring artists in the town. From there, she signed with Epic Records and released the EP There Will Be Sunshine. The EP released in the fall of 2014, and featured an impressive list of collaborators such as the Grammy winning artists such as Common and poet Malik Yusef. Based off the debut EP, it was evident Snoh Aalegra would be a name circulating in the R&B scene. Shortly after that, “Emotional” was made available to our ears in the Spring of 2015. Boasting a 70’s soul vibe, the impressive single was produced by Wu-Tang’s RZA. Add another prominent collaboration to the newcomer’s resume.

Now, working with Kanye West’s hitmaker No I.D., Aalegra is in the process of developing her debut album. A chance encounter with No I.D. through a family connection presented a luminous opportunity for Aalegra to further advance her career. However, that opportunity was rightly earned as it didn’t take long for No I.D. to realize the skill and potential radiating from Aalegra. Before we elaborate on that, we’ll allow everyone to continue indulging in the anticipated EP Don’t Explain, which was released on April 8.

Snoh Aalegra’s emotionally charged vocals along with the soulful atmosphere on her tracks make her a must listen for those who are weary of a commercial sound. We hope we’ve done a potent job in convincing you to give a listen to the immensely gifted artist possessing an eloquent sound. That eloquence is emphasized by the tones of a personal favourite tracks of ours from the EP/Mini Album, “Home”. We’ll keep an eye out for her debut album, but till then, Just Breezies will continue to immerse itself into the brilliant sounds of Don’t Explain.

Growing up, I went through a lots of hard things in my life that’s why my music is so emotional…and kind of dark and I believe that words have huge powers. What you say and put out in the universe, you need to be careful with.

– Snoh Aalegra

(Schön! Magazine Interview)

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Don’t Explain EP (2016)
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There Will Be Sunshine (2014)
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