“I’ve known Michelle for about two years, and it’s been a pleasure being able to grow as a creator with her. Her open mindedness and ability to put trust in me has helped me develop my confidence in directing. I came up with the concept while stumbling upon a few Hawaiian shirts at Value Village. That’s when I texted Shelly the photo and my ideas and as per usual she was ready to get to it. As far as future shoots go, I’m ready whenever Shelly is.”

– Mark Guido

“It was great shooting with Mark, it’s always a very relaxed experience working with each other. Mark came up with the concept and to be honest I was unsure of what he was talking about until he showed me the shirt and location and it all came together. We’ve worked together a few times now, and it always ends up being a great time. When you find you work well with someone, You will want to continue working with them.

With school, work, photo shoots and everything else on the go, I find my self dealing more with what’s going on right now and hoping the future continues to bring even more excitement and wonderful people into my life. 😊

– Shelly Nadeau


– Canon 7D mark II

– Canon 24 – 105mm f/4l

– Sony DCR-HC32

– Natural lighting

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