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We’re here to introduce you to a person with a vast array of talents. Shelley Ainsworth. Shelley has always displayed a natural ability for the arts as she’s been drawing and painting since it was possible for her to start doing so. That must have paid off because, in her senior year of high school, a piece of her artwork was selected by the Metropolitan Museum of Art to represent the province of British Columbia in an art display which was held in Times Square, New York. After this, Shelley started to considerably tune her fine artistry skills, with a distinct interest regarding portrait painting.

The art of make up and dance come next after her love for painting. Due to training and competing substantially for 13 years in multiple facets, Shelley discovered early on that she had a passion and innate skill for make up artistry. Once graduating with a full make up artistry diploma from Blanche Macdonald Centre, in 2004, she became the lead make up artist and manager of the beautybar, a high-end boutique in Vancouver’s trendy Kitsilano neighbourhood. Being part of a new company, a privileged opportunity was presented to Shelley in the form of assisting with opening the store while procuring particularly convenient work experience as it magnified her business sense and comprehension of sought after niche brands.

2 years after that, Shelley began working with MAC Cosmetics because she wanted to immerse herself deeper into the art of make up. As a result, her skills broadened and flourished. She spent 4 years at MAC, eventually deciding to pursue more creative avenues. That caused Shelley to set her eye on a freelance career with the centre of its attention on her work as a painter, as requests for her art intensified.

Boasting a decade of experience in the industry and continuing her freelance career pertaining to make up artistry and painting, Shelley collaborates with Vancouver photographers and models while also working on private art commissions. Her photo-realist approach to painting has manifested to be an asset in creating custom pieces and portraits for clients.

Shelley’s work exhibits her impeccable skill, accompanied by her perfectionism. She is consistently consumed with her own unique artistic flair to create a one of a kind piece. In an attempt to further expand her portfolio, Shelley is moving to Los Angeles, California. We get the feeling she’s eminently adventurous.

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