“Iona Beach park is an exquisite piece of land located right next to the Airport in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. It has a dazzling landscape and because the lower mainland area is already crowded with majestic beaches right in the heart of the city. Most city folks looking to spend a day on the beach tend to favor the city shores as most beaches are within walking distance and the more adventurous would trek to the world famous “Wreck Beach” right on the edge of the University campus. So for the most part Iona Beach is deserted aside from on the weekend or evenings.

In the spring of 2016 I decided to explore Iona sands and it’s more remote area. I started to shoot landscape nudes with some of the models I spend the rainy season working around Vancouver. Right from the start the images were stunning and got me totally hooked. It wasn’t long before I had half a dozen sessions done and booked another 6 and expended the project to include an exhibit, Book and offer some of these for print and digital publications.

Welcome to the IONA Collection! I hope you like!”

– Marc Boily

“Iona beach is a magical place. Everyday the tide turns it into a blank canvas with sand to infinity. If you go at just the right time of day, you can walk out for miles and miles before getting your feet wet. The shore is full of astonishing logs, all with they’re own unique personalities, each one twisted and contorted in there own way. Most stand taller than me, others lay flat and long in the sand.

The tide moves them around on a daily base and the landscape is always changing its appearance. This makes for a very interesting place for photo shoots and exploring!

Marc and I walked for about an hour, looking for the perfect stage and the perfect designs in the sand. Once we had a plan for every shot, off came my clothes and we were ready to shoot. All I was left with was my hat and a black sheer veil. I drew dozens of shapes and forms in the wind laying on the sand. I climbed up on logs and flirted with the sand on what turned out to be a really hot and sunny day. I m really exited to show off our photos from the Iona Collection, I hope you enjoy! It’s a magical place.”

– Shawna Bates

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