“What can I say about Portland? I was visiting some family and had an afternoon off so I decided to see if I could find any ladies last minute to do a shoot with. Lo and behold I found Savanna and Erin! Upon arrival, they came with luggage of lingerie, bikinis and a bottle of honey jack. I liked them already. The juices started flowing instantly…creatively, of course :). Besides a near death experience from a terrorist wasp (thankfully, Erin bravely stepped in to save my life) and creepy fans at the sketchy motel we were shooting at, the shoot went amazing. The girls were beautiful, the weather was lovely and the whiskey hit the spot. I can’t wait to shoot with these girls again!”

– Alex Barredo

“My passion for art goes so much further than the eye could see. It’s a mindset and a sense of peace that I get from being in front of or behind the camera. This isn’t just a hobby to me. Alex got in touch with me from my Instagram and we then started messaging over Facebook. It was very last minute but I loved his work and just had to shoot with him. He is an awesome dude and I felt we all clicked right away and we just started going for it! The “sketchy hotel,” as Alex called it, made for a pretty dope location and I’m in love with all the edits.”

– Savanna Evans

“This set we shot with Alex (who we were lucky enough to randomly cross paths with in our own home town of Portland, Oregon) has to be one of my favorite shoots I’ve done to date. Of course with my partner in crime Savanna, aka the blonde to my brunette by my side, I was incredibly confident in our ability to create something captivating. Although the location was a little bit of a sketchy hotel and we had a lot of curious viewers, it added to the vibe of the shoot. Of course, the Honey Jack Daniels spiced things up for us and broke the ice in meeting this total but awesome stranger to create magic with too. I’m really glad we all took this opportunity. Also, I take full credit in saving Alex’s life when he was shooting me one on one and a wasp, of all things, flew into the back of his shirt and I made sure to pull the stinger out! You’re welcome for me saving a great photographer so he could return home safely to everyone in Canada and edit these images for all to see!”

– Erin Clopton

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