“I’d been thinking about shooting a more editorial style set in Venice ever since my very first visit and I really couldn’t have asked for a better model to work with than Salma. We discussed the look and feel we wanted to go with over the Internet, seeing as I’m based in London, England and Salma lives in Rouen, France. We settled on an airy, relaxed look with a girl in a classic black dress just wandering around the heart of the city, heels in hand.

With Piazza San Marco being our main location and Venice’s most busy area, we knew that getting the look and feel we wanted at a reasonable hour wouldn’t really be feasible so we decided to wake up extra early and get one of the first water buses into town and starting at around 6am when there would be hardly any people around. I’m really pleased with how the images came out and hope to be able to shoot there again.”

Koray Hussein

“I have always wanted to visit Venice so when Koray told me about the trip and invited me to shoot, I couldn’t refuse. We have been wanting to shoot together again for over 2 years and Venice was the ideal place. When I tried on the black dress, I knew it was the perfect one for this shoot and the feel we wanted to go with. With Koray behind the camera, I knew that waking up at 5am to shoot was gonna be worth it. It was also really nice to see how empty Piazza San Marco was that early in the morning. This will definitely not be my last time in Venice.”

Salma Ferras


– Canon EOS R

– Canon 35mm f1.8 RF Lens

– Sigma 50mm f1.4 Art Lens

– Natural lighting

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