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The Magnificently Zealous #Renegade Takeover

Since writing and producing for the likes of Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Carl Thomas etc. The multi-talented Ryan Leslie has really come a long way. Fresh off the release of his latest album, MZRT, he is enjoying the wave of his own successful music career as an artist himself.

When the word genius is used to describe him, it is an understatement. I mean, who teaches themselves to play the piano, scores a perfect score of 1600 on their SAT, and graduates from Harvard at age 19?! The man is definitely not your average artist. He is now gaining the recognition and appreciation for his talents that he deserves. Back in 2006, he was the architect behind, then girlfriend at the time, Cassie’s hit single “Me & U”. Subsequently, he released a couple self-produced R&B albums of his own, which in our books are classics.

At just Breeze Magazine, we really appreciate anybody who masters an art form, but when you tell yourself that isn’t enough and master multiple art forms, you move up a notch. Ryan Leslie does just that (ie. singing, song-writing, rapping, producing, composing, businessman, technology, fashion, etc). Since having gone independent, he has created a sound of his own. In his previous release “Les Is More” the VISUAL album, he began giving a glimpse of his rap skills. Like a kid who can’t sit still, Ryan doesn’t settle for what is success in most people’s eyes. He continues to work and perfect his craft as well as share his knowledge with the likes of his most loyal supporters and a few other artists in the industry whom he respects. Some of his fans didn’t understand why he made the full transition to rap on his Black Mozart album. He is showing he can achieve his goals he set out and wanted to accomplish since aspiring to be a rapper as a teenager. He also released a 2-part video documentary of the album on YouTube which is absolutely worth watching. [You can view them here: Part 1 | Part 2] After Black Mozart sold 13,000 copies independently through his platform and after touring around the world, Les turned his focus into his latest studio album titled MZRT which hit stores yesterday, July 4th. The album has great production to go along with his smooth vocals. His rap delivery is complex and you can hear his smarts through his sophisticated rhymes.

Not only is he an artist and a producer, he is also a savvy business man. Leading the #Renegades movement, he has changed the rules in the music industry by creating and launching his online music platform, Disruptive Multimedia (DMM), with the help of Ben Horowitz. It allows him to connect and interact with each and every one of his loyal supporters. He knows who buys his material and who supports him. In addition, he is notified of his fans’ birthdays and sends them greetings. He has even provided his personal number virtually everywhere on the internet and in his music videos. You may ask yourself, “well why isn’t he as big or why doesn’t he have the notoriety quite like other mainstream artists?” Well, he is independent and doesn’t require the backing and promotion from a multi-million or billion dollar corporation. He has generated a loyal fan base who can keep up with him directly.

After recently announcing that MZRT is his last studio album, he is setting to make history once again. Starting in August 2015, he will be releasing a new song to the public every month for the next 120 months! This will be exclusive to people who subscribe to his Renegades music service ( Everything considered, Ryan Leslie is an artist who strives to put out quality material and not just to make more money than the next musician. Shout out to Ryan Leslie for inspiring many artists and independent hustlers. Head over to to support his work ethic and relentless hustle. #AspireToInspire

 “I’m not ashamed at all, in fact I love my story
No matter what it takes, I’mma keep my glory!

Ryan Leslie (Glory)

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MZRT Lifetime (2015-Lifetime)
MZRT (2015)
ryan leslie mzrt
Black Mozart (2013)
ryan leslie black mozart cover
Les Is More (2012)
Transition (2009)
ryan leslie transition
Ryan Leslie (2008)
ryan leslie ryan leslie cover
Used To Be (2008)
ryan leslie used to be cover
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