Ron Dressel is a professional photographer whose focus is on boudoir/editorial and wedding photography. He has extensive knowledge of photography along with the studio lighting aspect and has been developing his photographic skills professionally for over five years. As a highly motivated self-starter, Ron learned lighting and developed his style through a lot of trial and error as well as an abundance of self-education. Growing up, he always had an appreciation for photography. Before he started working on his own technique, he would analyze photos in books or magazines in an attempt to figure out details such as lighting and aesthetics.

One of the biggest challenges Ron faced while getting started, and still faces to this day, is working on ways to manage two different divisions of photography; wedding and boudoir/editorial. When he shoots weddings, he prefers a softer and lighter mood to the images. Whereas an edgier style comes out in his boudoir and editorial work. One common bridge between both his boudoir/editorial work and his wedding work is he loves capturing the mood accompanied by the raw emotions with a simple and timeless feel.

With his editorial and boudoir work, Ron is known for being able to capture the female form whilst  highlighting femininity and sexuality in a tasteful manner. He draws inspiration for style from many photographers, such as Peter Lindbergh, Ellen Von Unwerth, Terry Richardson, and Russell James.

Future plans for Ron include continuing to refine his work and scaling back on weddings to concentrate more on developing the boudoir and editorial division of his business.

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