“This is the second time I’ve shot with Paula, and it’s the second time she has impressed me. Paula is just the kind of model that all photographers dream of shooting with. Of course she is beautiful, but what makes her really special is all the emotions she generates while shooting… it is quite the luxury for a photography and a total source of inspiration. “Wet Throat” is more than just another shoot. After Paula, you feel there is nothing else to shoot.”

– Iker Iglesias

“I remember feeling free. It was a morning in January and I didn’t really know what I was doing. But I remember Iker. He was clear and warm, awake; he knew how to laugh and he was original, always looking for the good in the eyes and the truth in the soul. I usually feel comfortable shooting, but he was something else. That day I left the place feeling my heart on my throat. I knew we would see each other again and make it even better. And here it is. “Wet throat”. The result of two individuals that understand each other truly. Thanks to people like Iker I can be more than ‘just another med student’. I can express and share myself without saying a word. And enjoy it during the process.”

– Paula Adúriz


– Canon 5D Mark III

– 50mm f1.4

– 85mm f1.8

– Natural lighting

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