The Just BREEZE staff would like to give a warm welcome to model, stylist, creative director and fashion extraordinaire Miska Sykora to the JB team. We are excited to announce her new role with us as a contributing fashion editor. Be on the lookout for lots of exclusive content coming from this amazingly talented creative.

Even in 2017 we still find ourselves facing issues of sexism, gender equality and roles. Being a first generation American, my parents both hail from Slovakia, I cringed at the thought of ever being expected to be the one in a relationship to cook and clean. I believe to this day my drive for success and a solid career is partially to obtain my own independence, but mostly because I’m obsessed with my work. Feeling less superior to a spouse or boyfriend because of a salary didn’t seem right to me, it seemed somewhat degrading. What can I say, I’m a Libra and I believe in balance. However, over the years restricting diets and my obsession with being healthy has led me into the kitchen. And when I saw others enjoying meals or desserts I cooked up, I was hooked. My down time was spent “Pinning” keto-friendly diets and then eagerly trying them one-by-one. As it slowly but surely turned into a hobby I realized cooking, cleaning, and tending to your man didn’t mean I had to be the cookie-cutter housewife. Cute aprons were a customary, as was pouring a glass of Prosecco, setting-up my oil diffusers and a playlist alternating between something of the likes of Chet Faker, Khalid, and The Lumineers. Truthfully I saw it as another skill set that made me feel desirable. I had many friends and friends of friends contact me out of the blue inquiring for recipes and specifics on my diet after they were diagnosed with a particular health issue. I started being coined “wifey material”. It was a sense of independence contrary to my original views, I had undoubtedly leveled up in adulthood.

The Nothing Like Home Series is meant to capture the modern day wifey material woman, the 21st version of housewife. She enjoys her time alone and finds comfort in her own company. An air of productiveness while always retaining her air of effortlessness.

I don’t know about you, and this could go back to my beautiful European mother who cooks in heels, but when I buy lingerie I picture wearing nothing but that and an apron, pulling homemade cookies out of the oven at the exact moment my man comes through the door. Nothing is sexier than maintaining your independence but still allowing yourself to be soft and feminine in everything you do. This photo shoot is a look inside my fantasized Sunday- off duty wifey style.

Miska Sykora
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Miska Sykora

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Driven and a cultivated styling professional with a fashion design background. Miska Sykora has been in the fashion industry from an early age, modeling in Miami, FL. when she was just 15 years old. Her fervor grew beyond being in front of the camera to creating, coordinating, and styling photoshoots. Along with modeling and styling she is the founder and designer of Miska Sykora- a one-of-a-kind accessory line conceptualized from upcycling antique treasures on her travels and elements of fur and leather. To view more visit her website at
Miska Sykora
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