“I’ve always loved the idea of having the New York skyline in the background of my portrait photography. After researching some places to rent online, I found this one suite in Long Island City that I HAD to shoot in. I got in contact with Nina after a few discussions and showed her the place. Nina had the idea of the body suit and I wanted to shoot with more of a comfy look. We have a couple of ideas in the works and look forward to shooting again.”

– Chris Riley

“Working with Chris was beyond incredible. The second we got to planning, he listed a number of eye-catching locations that I could hardly believe we would get to work in. The second we set foot on location, the music was turned on, the camera was whipped out and I decided on trying two types of looks to diversify the content of the shoot: look 1, chic/sexy and look 2, something cozy/comfy. Looking towards the future, I plan on continuing modeling and strive to collaborate and create tremendous work as I did with Chris. I’m beyond inspired by his talent and passion for the work he’s created. Let’s see what we shoot next !”

– Nina Berardi


– Nikon D5

– Sigma 35mm 1.4 lens

– Natural lighting

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