“Nicole is one of my go to models. I like to work with a small core group of people because I find as time goes on and you get more comfortable with one another, it shows in your photographs. Some of my most popular photos are actually of Nicole. She’s effortless to work with, she’s fun, and she’s an all around good person. I admire her outgoing personality and her ability to adapt to any given situation, which was totally apparent in this shoot. Originally I had just planned to head down town to do some street photography with Blake, the videographer for this project, but then I remembered this spot and thought if given the chance to shoot a model there I had to do it. So about an hour before I was leaving, I messaged Nicole and she responded and was down to work with me on this one. As for the axe, I didn’t even know I had it with me until I was at the location. I had left it in there from the weekend before as I had been camping with my family. These are arguably some of my best photographs. I find that all of my best work has come from last minute situations. I figure that you can only plan for so much. I know the future holds good things for Nicole and I look forward to working with her again in the near future. We always got stuff in the works. Thanks again Just Breeze. Till next time.”

– Terry Campbell aka LOUD Photo

“It’s always a good time shooting with Terry (@loudphoto). We get along great and he consistently connects with some awesome models like Nicole, which makes shooting super enjoyable! Terry brought the axe and had the location in mind. I just took what was already happening, captured the movement, and cut it altogether to create a 30 second edit. 😉 I’ve known Terry for roughly a year now. We’ve worked on projects in the past via @EphinSDK. He hollers at me once in awhile to shoot. We’ll be doing a lot more this year for sure! For the rest of the year I’ll be putting out videos like this one, corporate/music videos, and also getting more into photography. Stay tuned!”

– Blake McRitchie

“Me and Terry (@loudphoto) have worked together on more than one occasion. He’s my go to! I constantly send inspiration photos and shoot ideas back and forth with him till we narrow down a concept we both are invested in. He is one of my favourite photographers to work with for many reasons. I leave the shoot and 2 hours later I have an edited image. I always call him a magician. He creates amazing photos and knows my style. He’s super chill and always respectful of what you are looking to achieve during the shoot.
This shoot was so last minute and random. Terry was downtown Vancouver scouting locations and leisurely shooting with videographer and photographer Blake (@blakemcritchie).

He hit me with a text like “Hey! If you’re around, we are shooting tonight. Any chance you would want to model?
I replied: “I have an hour before I start work. I will join you now.
We filmed this video and shot for an hour and got some amazing shots.
Sometimes I feel creativity flows more in last minute situations. These shots definitely prove my point as they are some of my favourite photos. The future holds so many possibilities. I know Terry is working on some super cool merchandise, but I won’t spoil any of that.
I hire Terry to shoot most of my collection pieces for my lingerie company Tease. We are always creating something. I think most artists feel that need, so I hope both of us continue to grow. I know summer is coming and we have some sunny beach bikini shoots planned as Tease is launching its new swimwear line. We will keep you posted with that. Thanks for the love, Just Breeze.”

Nicole V.

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