“Nadine was and is always a muse for me and I love to work with her. Normally we get in touch after I made out something new. We talk about my ideas and the final results always exceed our expectations. We’ve known each other for a long time, so getting together for this shoot was routine. I hope we keep inspiring each other for the next year and creating a lot more awesome stuff…”

Hannes Windrath

“It’s always a great and deeply relaxed feeling to work with Hannes Windrath. It’s more like meeting a good friend and having a comfortable time, than a real job. Most of our shoots are spontaneous and very basic. It’s just him, the camera and me. And I think that’s what real photography is about. Catching the right moments. Catching the feeling of IT, a mood, an atmosphere… Catching character and light. Since he’s back to analog photography he’s even more sensitive and aware of his work and I have the feeling that IT changed the way he looks through his lens sustainable. That’s a great thing. That’s movement & progress. A lot of attention for shiny moments, the light and the person in front of your camera. And the consciousness to “KLICK” in the right second. And sometimes it’s a big dose of luck. (Laughs). Photography –  a beautiful secret.

It’s a natural feeling to move in front of his camera. Which is ever more important to me when it comes to nudes. It’s about trust and sensibility. It’s never about making naked pictures. I just want to make beautiful things with good people. And Hannes is one very talented and bold partner in crime. He’s open minded and critical at the same time. He can become very enthusiastic and spirited in his work. You can feel the passion and see the curiosity in his eyes, when there is this good flow in our shoots. I like that! It’s the most beautiful thing about people – excitement! Which is very important to me – I love to share good energy.

So our future plans are simple as clear. Continue the good and make beautiful things together. The inspiration is the world and sometimes the smallest things. And if we can imagine it, we just do IT! I am looking forward to our next common projects and Hannes’ growth as an artist.”

– Nadine Etzel


– Sony A7RII

– Sony 55mm lens

– Natural lighting

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