Moody Mondays Volume 7

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We’re back with Volume 7 of our popular Moody Monday playlists. Sorry for the little hiatus we have been busy with several expansions but hope to help you guys get through another brutal Monday. Hope you enjoy!

Tangina Stone – Anxious
(Soundcloud | Spotify | YouTube | FacebookInstagram | Twitter)

For those yearning for songs possessing meaning, listen to this important track. In “Anxious”, Tangina Stone highlights the anxiety she’s been carrying all her life and encourages the listener to dispel any negative conations they may have about mental illness. “Anxious” is a single to Stone’s upcoming album Elevate. Our team is looking forward to the release.


Mac Ayres – Lonely
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Smooth vibes on this track that contains elements of jazz and soul. “Lonely”, a single from Mac Ayres’ upcoming EP Drive Slow, hits all the right notes if you’re looking to kick back and relax. Give it a listen while lounging.


Mark Johns – Same Girl
(Soundcloud | Spotify | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook)

Mark Johns, the 23-year-old rising artist, dropped her first single of 2017 with the release of “Same Girl”. Her soft and breathy vocals mixed with gloomy/chill trap production make for a catchy listen. The LA based artist is working on her debut album. Till then, check out her debut EP Molino.


Kelela – LMK
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90’s R&B vibes on this one! Kelela kills it on her first single from her upcoming debut album Take Me Apart. Watch the exciting music video below.


Sabrina Claudio – Belong To You
(Website | Soundcloud | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook)

Sabrina Claudio’s sultry voice shines on her new track. The young and rising R&B artist wanted to make a song showcasing the importance of self love. Peep the music video below to hear her message!


Necklace – Try This
Melodic Hip Hiop
(Spotify | YouTube)

Currently unsigned, Necklace went for a soothing vibe on this track. Artists like Post Malone have also utilized Rap and R&B to create a new sound. Melodic Hip-Hop is how we’ll describe it. Give it a listen and support the young, independent artist.


SG Lewis – Smart Aleck Kill (feat. Cole3trane)
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A fresh Electronic R&B single from producer SG Lewis. Col3trane, a singer from London, provides the vocals on the smoothly finessed track.


Teflon Sega – Press Play & Escape
(Soundcloud | SpotifyYouTubeInstagram | Twitter | Facebook)

Just do what the title of the song says. Or… smoke a bowl first and press play below on the music video and escape into the visuals. This track can be classified as futuristic R&B with luminous production.

Aspiring musicians, we are always discovering new music to add to our playlists. If you are looking to be heard, please send us your music samples via the submission form. Who knows, you could end up on our Playlist Picks!

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