Moody Mondays Volume 5

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Back at it! Here you go with another playlist for your dreaded Mondays. We know it’s never fun getting back to the grind after unwinding and kicking back for a couple days. Unless some of you are out there grinding 7 days a week like us. Hopefully some of these songs can help you vibe out and discover some new music and ease some of the jabs this Monday throws at you.

Syd – All About Me
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On her solo debut album Fin, Syd continues to revamp her style with her lustrous voice accompanied by bass heavy beats consisting of more pop and mainstream elements than her previous work as the lead singer of the Grammy-nominated R&B band, The Internet. Check out the video below. We’re excited to see Syd continue to rise in her young career.


Khalid – Shot Down
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18-year-old Texas up-and-comer is prepared to release his debut album American Teen next month after the release of this emotional single. Featuring somber production and vocals, this track is sure to hit your feels. If he sounds familiar, you’ve probably heard his hit song “Location”.


PLAZA – Personal
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If you’re a fan of dark R&B, be sure to check this track out from PLAZA. Hailing from Toronto, PLAZA utilizes floaty vocals and moody production to stay true to the new, spacey vibes from Toronto recently.


Rytmeklubben – Like That
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Mostly known for beat making and remixes, Rytmeklubben are also capable of creating worthy original content. “Like That” can be described as a relaxed Pop song that also manages to make you move along with the beat.


SiR – The Canvas
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Intimate and sensual are the words that come to mind when listening to SiR’s new EP titled Her Too. Sultry and soulful R&B is SiR’s strong suit, making this EP an easy and peaceful listen. We are looking forward to more of the LA-based artist’s work.


Daniel Caesar – Get You (feat. Kali Uchis)
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Toronto singer-songwriter Daniel Caesar has always caught our attention when he releases new projects due to the vintage vibes we feel when listening to his music. “Get You” does not disappoint if you enjoy the occasional mellow track.


Kllo – Walls To Build
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Cousins Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam came together to form Kllo, a synth pop duo from Melbourne. With one EP already under their belt, this track is a highlight off their second EP Well Worn. Lam’s production pairs well with Chloe Kaul’s glittery vocals, creating a pleasant and transporting listen.


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Two artists from LA came together and formed MIKNNA. Mike B. and Ken Nana’s first single combines retro synths, effortless R&B vocals, and an infectious chorus. Mike B’s vocals flow swiftly over the galactic production. If you liked this track, check out MIKNNA’s debut EP 50/50 (Side A).

Aspiring musicians, we are always discovering new music to add to our playlists. If you are looking to be heard, please send us your music samples via the submission form. Who knows, you could end up on our Playlist Picks!

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