Moody Mondays Volume 1

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Another Monday and another start of a new work week. It might be hard to adjust to being back at work but we got something to help you out. Sometimes a little music is the pick-me-up that you need to get back into the groove of things so we formed a playlist for y’all. It has a variety of songs ranging from alternative, pop, rap and R&B. Give it a listen and hopefully before you know it, it’ll be time to go home. You might even discover some new music you haven’t heard before.


Lostboycrow – Talk Back To Me
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Lostboycrow’s music is usually packed with a wide range of emotions and “Talk Back To Me” is no different. It’s a deep and sad song but funky enough to want to dance to. After releasing “Powers” a few months back, this incredible talent didn’t disappoint with this next release. We look forward to seeing what else he has in store in the future.


Alessia Cara – Outlaws
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On this motown vibe track Alessia and her partner decide to escape their problems together. She decides that life is better together and she will be sticking by her lover’s side through right or wrong. The track is on a Bonnie & Clyde type of tip. In case you missed it, we covered the 19 year old’s journey in our #SpotlightSaturday segment.


Grace Mitchell – Raceday
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Grace Mitchell is an enormously talented 18 year old out of Portland to keep an eye on. The track “Raceday”, also the title of her EP, is a mix of hip hop-like verses with an alternative/pop sound. You get the vibe that she is talking to her competition and letting them know it’s her time whether they like it or not.


Devon Baldwin – Closer
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Late night thoughts about a special person in your life can prolong the onset of sleep. “Closer” embodies this and wanting what you don’t have. The existence of this track along with her new EP is a miracle because Devon tore her lung last winter, requiring major surgery. When coming up with a name for her EP, she didn’t hesitate to name it Lungs due to that incident. This is one of her standout tracks and the whole EP deserves a listen.


The Neighbourhood – Cry Baby
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Lead singer Jesse Rutherford speaks and acts out of anxiousness on this song. He questions his emotional responses to his partner who he wants no attachment towards. He knows he is going to fall in love again but doesn’t want to end up hurt. He refuses to be her cry baby by suggesting that she leaves him.


Adrian Marcel – Take Your Time
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In Adrian Marcel’s most recent song, he covers Sam Hunt’s “Take Your Time” and absolutely kills it. Changing it up from his traditional R&B sound, he took to a different approach on this one. Between his verses he speaks to a new love interest in hopes to get past her walls.


Mac Miller – Weekend (feat. Miguel)
Hip Hop/Rap
(Website: Mac MillerMiguel | Soundcloud: Mac MillerMiguel | Instagram: Mac MillerMiguel | Twitter: Mac Miller Miguel | Facebook: Mac MillerMiguel)

This track is self explanatory. Over a mellow beat, Mac reflects on his issues throughout the week but he knows it’s all old news when the weekend rolls around. He knows how to enjoy himself. Drugs, drinks, and partying help him escape his frantic life. With Miguel delivering smooth and soothing vocals on the chorus, this is a total feel good song.


Francesco Yates – Something Different
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Young Francesco talks about his desire for a trustworthy and reliable partner because he is sick of the “typical love”. He wants something different to feel alive. With a laid back R&B feel, this is definitely something that will set the mood with a special someone.

Aspiring musicians, we are always discovering new music to add to our playlists. If you are looking to be heard, please send us your music samples via the submission form. Who knows, you could end up on our Playlist Picks!

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