“Working with Jac was fantastic. Even though she’s fairly new to modeling she’s surely a natural. She plays close attention to the minor details in her facial expressions and her movements are very fluent as well as precise. Our goal for this shoot was to create something sensual yet tasteful that would connect with the viewer. I wanted to draw some type of emotion out of her that would translate well through the camera. Overall, we wanted the images to make you feel something. So I had her meet up with me at an apartment in South Philly. We had the Weeknd and Miguel playing in the background. It was a nice vibe”

LaRon Hall

“Working with LaRon Hall was amazing. I’ve done a lot of photoshoots. Sometimes you vibe with the photographer and sometimes you don’t, but when you do you just know you’re gonna make some magic together. Our shoot was at 8 in the morning, which made me a little nervous at first—I’m not a morning person. As soon as we started talking I knew it was going to be one of those rare shoots where we make magic, and we did. I loved every shot from the set we shot.”

Miss Jac

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