“The great thing about working with Miranda is the fluidity of our shoots. We shoot together so much for that it allows us to experiment a bit more and be free to try whatever we please, which is awesome. More importantly, we have developed such great chemistry that shooting with her has become so natural and rhythmic. It’s beautiful. On this particular adventure we left our home and set out on a mission to use the the sunset and buildings in downtown Austin to our advantage. Rather than standing only with the sun to her back all times, we used the buildings around us and the reflection of the sun dancing off of them to give this shoot more depth.

As for future shoots, it’s safe to say we will have plenty. I am really looking forward to our camping trip in Portland for my birthday. It’s a change of scenery which will be great to explore and shoot with Miranda. We don’t really plan our shoots too ahead of time as we like to shoot when we are inspired. We exchange ideas, drink a bit of Woodford and Jameson, and then head off for our adventure.”

Jerry Hernandez (Flaco Creative)

“Lounge Underwear mailed me the cutest set of undies and I wanted to shoot them differently than just “oh hey I’m in a bed”. So my boyfriend Jerry and I just went on rooftops in our home of Austin and shot before grabbing dinner and drinks. We always shoot and grow with each other and I’m constantly proud of what we get!”

– Miranda T.

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