“I came across photos of Mercedes last year October and immediately decided to get in contact with her. Her instagram profile @theskinnyfox at the time looked as if she was just starting out in the industry,  talking to her further she had told me she was just doing it for fun at that point.

After conversing for a few weeks and planning the shoot idea we got together to create the sports editorial concept. Inspiration came mostly from Pinterest editorial pieces I’d come across.

On meeting Mercedes I feel we hit it off right away, she’s a very easy person to work with. She was never opposed to trying stuff and that made the creating process that more easy to do.  I think that what we created in that first set are among my favorites; and the second set we did a few months after were pretty awesome as well. “

Kyle Core

“Working together right from the beginning was easy! We clicked and although the first day we shot together the weather wasn’t great and we got kicked off our location we just ran with it and ended up finding somewhere better. We get along well and have similar visions so we bounce ideas off  each other.

We both liked the sporty vibe and thought the use of bright bold primary colors contrasting against the back drop of a basketball court would pop. We also liked the lazy Sunday morning vibe of baggy white shirts and soft lighting and we nailed that look within a really short time.  Kyle gives me a lot of direction and knows how to utilize space really well.

Kyle I think found me on Instagram after I was featured on majestic people’s and Dynamic portrait’s Instagram. He sent me a message and we agreed on some ideas and went for it.

Personally for the future I’m looking towards a more fitness motivated lifestyle. I travel a lot and would live in bikinis if I could so I’m hoping to build a small following and shoot some really creative content in a majority of different countries. I’m also working with a few brands and trying to decide if I would like to be represented by an agency in London.”

– Mercedes Deegan


– Nikon D3200

– 50mm lens

– Natural light

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