“This shoot was inspired from photos we saw from Victoria’s Secret. I was aiming for a dramatic and moody feel by using a mixture of soft available light and mixing some direct back and side lighting, This shoot was not really planned, but more of a pick up the camera and play with some different lighting situations and see what we get type shoot. Since Melissa and I are dating we have a close connection together as photographer and model. It also gives us the freedom to shoot regularly together and so it allows both of us to experiment with different looks and styles together without any pressure.”

– Ron Dressel

“I love shooting lingerie in general, but when doing this particular shoot I wanted to stray from my typical sexy bombshell act. I wanted to try something a little more sultry, personal, and raw. It was an overcast, rainy afternoon which couldn’t have been more perfect for the mood and the blue sets we shot. To help me get into my mindset I like to listen to something that suits the style of shoot I am doing, so of course, my go-to for this was Lana Del Rey. Growing up as a ballerina, you learn to express yourself through feeling the art and music, so for me it’s a key component in any creative outlet. I’ve shot with Ron Dressel several times so any time I get a new lingerie set he’s the first person I call to work with. Naturally, he made magic happen, and we ended up with some beautiful shots!”

– Melissa Adams

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