“Melissa and I had just wrapped up with a boudoir client so we decided to kill some time and shoot this set. It wasn’t planned, but I figured while we had the location, we might as well take advantage of the space. The vineyard we shot at is a personal favourite of mine to shoot boudoir, weddings, etc. I had seen an image of Josephine Skriver in this lingerie set and really wanted to put my own twist on it. I love Melissa in high neckline pieces so I was really excited to just play with some angles and see what we could capture. Melissa and I have been dating for about a year and she loves shooting so it’s the perfect storm. We work really well together so when we shoot we can read each other’s cues. It makes things quick and fun. I’m currently still doing wedding but focusing more on boudoir. I have a couple shoots coming up this summer but Melissa and I are traveling to the Caribbean for vacation. We have some shoot ideas planned while we are down.”

– Ron Dressel

“This shoot was very random. Ron was actually finishing up with a boudoir shoot at a vineyard and we decided to play around for a few minutes after the client had left. Since this was my first time at this location, we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous space! Ron had actually seen a picture of Josephine Skriver in this lingerie set and had been wanting to shoot it for a while. (It had been sitting in my lingerie closet for months! Haha) He knew the location we were headed to would be the perfect setting for a sexy but airy feel. Ron and I have been dating for a year now so I’m lucky enough to have the ability to play shoot whenever I want! (Or he wants) This coming July 2016 we are heading to the Virgin Islands for a little getaway. We’re going to be island hopping around the Caribbean and will definitely be shooting a ton of new stuff down there so stay tuned! :)”

– Melissa Adams

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