“I love shooting with Meg. She has a wonderful, natural, ease about her. We’ve shot a few times and honestly, it’s pretty simple and straightforward- I come up with a location that is pretty and gets good light, and we both bring some clothing pieces and just kinda play around till we find something we like. From there, I just let Meg be her wonderful self. This is kind of important for me as I’m more of an observing photographer, rather than a directing photographer. I like to sorta set a stage, let the action roll, and then I sorta document it. I’m pretty simple – I like taking beautiful and interesting photos of beautiful and interesting women.

We plan to shoot some more in the future when we can get our schedules to jive. Not sure exactly what we’ll do but I’m sure it will be fun
and look great!”

– Mortonovich

“I love shooting with Mortonovich, we have shot a bunch and everytime we shoot the photos turn out great. We met on Instagram through mutal people we have worked with. He is super easy to shoot with, fun, chill and creative, def one of my faves. When you find a good photog you mesh well with it’s almost like a dance, we bounce ideas off eachother and it just flows. When thinking of a concept it all started with our location, Mortonovich found it and we both brought outfits. He had ideas and we were both on the same page so ended up working well, love an edgy, moody look. All around was a great experienced and will def be hitting him up again soon to plan another shoot. He is one of my go to photographers when I am wanting to be creative.”

– Megan Felix


– Nikon D800

– Nikkor 85mm 1.8

– Natural lighting

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