“Working with Margot wasantastic .. she has an approach to art quite similar to mine .. and we speak the same language. The whole thing was done in a freestyle. By choosing the outfits, with a beautiful atmosphere, everything was done naturally enough. We met thanks to Instagram. We talked and it was nothing but good vibes. It was obvious for us to work together. I hope to shoot more projects with her as she is an artistic favorite for me. For the future I plan to travel again and again, from Asia and over to the US.”

– Aaron Baltimore

“It was very pleasant shooting with Aaron, we had discussed the about the idea of shooting together over Instagram for many months. I was really looking forward to shoot with him. Once we started, we couldn’t stop, he is a true passionate. Aaron has so much to talk about, a lost traveler photographer in Paris…  Everything is done naturally. We are inspired by many things in common. There really wasn’t a plan, we just did what we liked with some good clothes. And with music for sure! He had some special music to create something magical. We met over Instagram, and almost 1 year later I came to Paris and we didn’t waste any time to shoot at an apartment in the center of Paris. We didn’t really talk much about the concept but we knew it was going to be cool! I think there will be more shoots to come with Aaron as I hope to shoot with him as soon as I return to Paris or perhaps somewhere else during travel!
He’s such an inspiring person and photographer!

Margot VDMC

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