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Toronto based R&B singer/songwriter, Mackenta (formerly Mack Davis), brings us her latest single “Hypersenstive” with production from CZYGavin Bradley.

Having been featured on platforms such as The Source and OVO Sound, Mackenta is set to make some noise in 2019. The “Issues” singer has quite the journey. She dropped out of University to pursue her dreams in music. Since age 7, she has had aspirations to be a music star. An avid reader, she would write poems, songs and stories about her adolescent adventures onward to present day where relationships and current events influence her subject matter. Topics such as body image, gender politics, pressures from society to name a few, can be found in her recordings. With less and less originality in music nowadays, it is refreshing to hear more of the conscious sound from young artists. With an ear to the street, Mackenta is using her voice and talent to raise awareness of these issues that are impacting many people everywhere. We can definitely hop on board with that. Be sure to subscribe to Mackenta and stay tuned for upcoming projects and performances if you’re in the Toronto area.

I can’t be superficial in my relationships, if you want to get close to me, you have to be willing to be vulnerable. Feeling trapped inside a generation where it’s considered “cool” not to catch feelings, I am the exact opposite. In the past, I’ve wrote lyrics about hiding my feelings. Although my exterior may appear one way? Deep down, I’m also emotional and romantic. I got so sick of trying to act like nothing phases me.

In the “Hypersensitive” music video, I play a being that is not human (either alien or robot – you can decide) but feels as if they’re being held hostage by human emotions. Eventually, they break down. That’s how I was beginning to feel in a world where emotions are related to weakness. At the end of the day, I’ve come to recognize that my ability to be vulnerable actually makes me strong, regardless of how others perceive me.


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