“Working with Lindsey Carlene couldn’t have been easier and more inspiring. It’s always a treat to work with a model who can not only follow direction well, but also move well on her own to the point of not needing direction, and Lindsey was just that. There was a great energy between us during the shoot that can be seen in the beautiful photos that were produced. The idea stemmed from the necessity of shooting some products for lingerie brand Anekdot for an online clothing boutique specializing in sustainable and ethical fashion, ModerNation. I wanted to shoot the items in a natural, intimate setting, and thought the afternoon light and warm tones in my 1920’s-era apartment would provide the perfect location. Lindsey and I were connected via Instagram, which has proven to be a very useful tool in connecting with local talent. I came across Lindsey’s profile and thought she had the perfect look for the shoot I had in mind. I reached out to her to ask if she’d be interested in working together and I couldn’t be happier that she agreed! My plans in the near future are more clothing and cookbook shoots. Lindsey and I are planning to work together again to shoot products for a local vintage brand.”

– Maddie Lochte

“Working with Maddie was intriguing. It’s always beautiful when someone can feed the artist inside of you by utilizing the artist in themselves and that’s how I felt with her. All of the shots flowed back to back. There was no direction and there was no need for it. We worked with the soft lighting that we were lucky enough to get in her apartment and it made for some truly killer shots. The shoot was done for ModerNation, a newly founded online shop dedicated to presenting an ethical wardrobe. The lingerie itself is by Anekdot Boutique. We definitely plan on shooting together again. As a matter of fact, we have a shoot with a vintage Southern California brand in the works. Stay tuned!”

– Lindsey Carlene

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