“Shooting with Lily Petrone was something that I’d wanted to do since I first came across her work. We had originally linked up through Twitter through having various mutual friends and acquaintances and just started talking about different ideas for a shoot.  I could immediately tell that Lily had a great sense of humor, but also knew when to take things seriously. We really wanted to do something a little more urban and street fashion focused, but the weather in Seattle during the late fall and early spring is something not to be trusted. After having a shoot fall through due to weather we eventually just decided to take things indoor just to see how we’d work together overall. For this set I really wanted to set a moodier tone with the cooler blue tones and the dark shadows.  Something I’ve discovered overtime is that light colors really pop and stand out, even with shadows and the lack of harsh light, so I asked her to bring a light colored outfit geared towards more of a bedroom look. I was stoked with how well everything turned out, especially since it was our first time working together. I’m sure she and I will eventually make our original shoot happen sometime soon, especially with the nicer weather rolling in!  I plan on eventually taking my skills down to Los Angeles later this year to see what the future holds for me.”

– Justin Swain

“Justin and I have been following each other’s work for awhile now and we finally decided it was time to get together to make a little creative magic happen. We had originally planned on an outdoor shoot but that ended up getting rained out, so we took things indoors. It was a super relaxed shoot, we just hung out and talked and shot for awhile. We ended up with a ton of different looks! This was just our first shoot together, I’m sure you’ll be seeing more from us soon! When it comes to the future, I’m planning on making my way down to LA in early 2017 to model and act (that’s the goal anyway).”

– Lily Petrone

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