“It’s a blessing & a privilege to work with Lexxie. Full of energy & very optimistic! Every time we shoot I don’t really put thought into the theme. I just shoot & have fun. Every time we shoot I always put music to get my game on. Our bond is very strong, we make a great team.”

– Luna Stylez

“Every shoot is a good shoot with Luna. We have a great connection and more importantly we’ve built our model/photographer relationship on trust. For this reason, we didn’t put too much thought into the theme. Luna is usually good with my wardrobe or theme choice so for this one I wanted a sweet girl next door look. I’m a firm believer that less is more so I went with pink tones and light make up. My shoots with Luna consist of good music, even better company, and many laughs; this one was no different. I start doing my thing and he starts shooting away and then the magic happens when we see the outcome afterwards. I am beyond grateful for Luna’s trust, patience, and for coming from the San Francisco Bay Area to shoot with me in LA so that we can have more of these great experiences and images to share.”

Lexx C

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