“My experience with Laura was extremely pleasant. We were both very comfortable working with each other. We set up the shoot online and started a shared photo folder with inspiration for the shoot. From the inspiration photos, I gave Laura suggestions for clothes to bring and we decided final looks in person. I invited Laura to my home in Glassell Park, Los Angeles. My house is owned by a graphic designer so the interior design is unique and fun to shoot in. For the future, I am working on getting more of my work in online and print publications. Although I have upgraded my gear since this shoot, I used a canon rebel and kit lens. Shooting at a low ISO and natural light always has great results!”

– Jessica Pomerantz

“Working with Jessica was such a great experience. We connected on Instagram and started putting all of our ideas and inspiration for the shoot together in a shared album. We quickly developed an understanding of what we both wanted to achieve without needing to discuss it in any great detail prior to the day; there was a real creative connection that made the whole experience from planning to executing completely effortless. Jessica requested loose curls in my hair with minimal make up and we both contributed to outfit choice on the day but aside from that we didn’t put much planning into the style of the shoot as I think we both knew that we were on the same page. We met at Jessica’s apartment and in between discussing our favorite photographers and online magazines, fussing her adorable pets and eating peanut butter jelly sandwiches we had one of my favorite and most relaxed shoots to date. We moved around lots of different spaces and went with our ideas as they came to us; we found a great balance between professional direction and the freedom to creatively improvise. The future for me will involve more shoots and hopefully travels to warmer, sunnier climates!”

– Laura Kate


– Canon Rebel XS

– 18-55mm lens

– Natural lighting

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