Low Kii Savage

Dark Pop/Alternative

Kiiara, 20 year old Alternative and Pop artist from Illnois, released her debut EP Low Kii Savage on March 22, 2016. Expectations were high after her debut single “Gold” was certified Platinum in Australia while peaking at number five in North America. “Gold” borrows elements from R&B and ethereal dance music while maintaining the vibe of a pop song, making it a fascinating listen. Kiiara elegantly exceeded expectations with her debut EP due to her spacey vocals accompanied by the sly electronic production.

With “Gold” garnering over 12 million streams via SoundCloud, it’s evident Kiiara has the backing that will allow her to attain the next level as a musician. Kiiara exhibits a magnetic swagger on Low Kii Savage, causing you to familiarize yourself with the repeat button on your music player.

Keep an eye out for the young talent as she’s prepared to make a splash. Due to her bright future, we suggest you give Kiiara a follow on social media to keep up with her latest projects. Purchase Low Kii Savage HERE. Kiiara is also going on tour across various States with AlunaGeorge. You can see their tour dates HERE.

And I got way too many feelings, way too much emotion
All this Xans inside my body, I say fuck it keep on drowning
You can bring a juice I’ll match you
Yeah, you mix it, pour the potion
I don’t know who you are, but I’d dive into your ocean.

–¬†Kiiara (Feels)

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low kii savage (2016)
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