“Kate and I connected through instagram. Being from only an hour away, the planning was easy. I had found a great location in town that I had been wanting to use for a shoot. This super quirky and fun AirBnb has a beautiful garden bath and an antique claw foot tub. Taking advantage of these features, my vision was to keep the look delicate with a vintage feel. Since Kate loves incorporating vintage looks into her daily wardrobe, she had that part down. Her mom jeans and cami, which happened to be a GoodWill find, were some highlights of the shoot. Kate was great to work with. She had good energy, creativity, and a high level of body awareness which helped bring the vision to life. I am looking forward to collaborating with her again in the future!”

Ron Dressel

“This was my first time working with Ron and his girlfriend, Nicky, who came to assist. I felt comfortable right away and had so much fun with them throughout the shoot. Ron approached me with the location and vision; I was all for it! We came up with various looks as we went along that matched the feel of the different rooms; soft and romantic in the bathroom, to casual and laid back in the living areas of the house. Ron and I originally met through Instagram. I enjoy his work, so I made the trip to Charlottesville to work with him. I hope to do more collaborations with him in the future. On a personal note, I plan on continuing modeling for fun as long as I can.”

Katelynn Adams


– Fuji X-T2

– Natural light

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