“We only had 2 hours to shoot in a gym. It was half improvised. And the rest of the time we had to deal with guys working out trying to pick out at Jessica and her nippies while she was “working out” or posing. Being around of the same age and having memories of both ‘Dirty Dancing’, ‘Flashdance’ and the 80’s. We reminisced and decided to join our 80’s gear and try this out in analog to get the full 80’s throw back. We met at Jessica’s gym outside of Paris. The owner led us to a room we could use. We planned the outfit over Instagram. We had DM’d each other different outfits and inspiration. Then developed and edited.

Definitely plan on more throwbacks of different era’s. Trying out shoots with sex appeal, some nudity and fashion aspects. There are a lot of cinematic areas in Paris that I’m wanting to shoot at. One of them having been used for the Hunger Games 3 movie. I recently shot neons in analog with Cinestill 800 and it gave a really cinematic feel. So it made me want to develop and experiment with a cinematic/fashion approach. “

– Christophe Parocco

“It was a pleasure to work with Christophe. He is a passionate and professional photographer who has a true sense of art in my opinion. We had only 2 hours to shoot 3 outfits but I think Christophe really liked the first one. We are both of the same generation and during our discussion, the idea of ​​the gym came to mind. I know the owner well and knew that my application for authorization could be accepted by presenting the project as a MODE shooting. Véronique and Davina, are two teachers of aerobic. Sexy in their time, the theme was therefore found and all that was left to think about was styling.

Christophe does not live nearby, but we were both very motivated by the project! So we found ourselves in a dance hall that was loaned to us for 2 hours: we had to be effective! (Despite the curious sportsmen). We improvised the details and quickly shot!”

– Jessica Ruth


– Nikon F100

– Cinestill 800 ISO Film

– 35mm Sigma Art lens

– Polaroid: Instax Wide 500 AF

– Digital: Nikon D750 + Flash

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