“Jeana and I both have a no-bullshit approach to shooting: when the camera comes out we are ready to create great work, and we do it fast and with feeling. We intentionally tried to not overthink the set, we like to improvise with what we have. A bag of clothes, the feel of the scene, an outfit that seems appropriate for the context. I live San Francisco, but was in Las Vegas to study under Phillip Reardon (@touchekvlt) for a few days. He was kind enough to connect me to his girlfriend Jeana, whose work I had admired for years, and take us to the scenic Valley of Fire. We’re hoping to meet up soon again in either the Bay Area, for some moody forest shots, or down in Newport Beach, for a fresh and unique take on a swimsuit shoot. “

– Alex Wolf

“Working with Alex was one of the easier shoots I’ve ever had. He is very attentive to details, as am I, but cohesively we had ever aspect of our shoot covered and, we nailed it! The concepts stemmed from the desert scenery in Las Vegas and we were connected through my now fiance Phillip Reardon (@touchevlt). Phillip and Alex were doing a few technical workshops based around lighting, conceptual ideas, and started to get into video production and I was easy access for the both of them to use as their canvas. We all take our craft very seriously so they both knew they could count on me to give them everything they needed from the model. All of us are very adamant about shooting concepts and looks that are nothing that we have seen from any other creatives. We wanted something fresh and new that represented all of us to the fullest and we knew we could achieve that. There is no doubt a future shoot coming from Alex and I! We have already begun discussing the next collaboration and this time it will revolve around a new setting, California. I look forward to shooting with him again, his chill vibes on set are something that set him apart from the majority of shooters now-a-day and that is something I can appreciate!”

– Jeana Turner


– Nikon D750

– Nikon 50mm f/1.8

– Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8

– Natural lighting

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