This was my first shoot with Jaime, and she was a perfect fit for my shooting style! I tend to shoot quickly from different angles, while the model is moving between poses. She doesn’t need much direction, and comes up with great natural poses on the fly. I came up with initial idea, wanting to go with a retro feel for this shoot. Using the look of the space and some past shoots I did as a reference, Jaime chose some outfits to match. Once we found each other on Instagram, it was pretty easy to set up the shoot once we bounced some ideas back and forth. I’m usually doing a few shoots per month now, usually a mix of stuff like this, portraits, and fashion. I’ll definitely be posting more work soon! 

Matt Hanns Schroeter

Creating with Matt was, and always is, such a pleasure. During shooting Matt makes it easy for you to feel comfortable; which in turn makes it a very relaxed experience. He was also open to me bouncing creative ideas off him,  which is great for any subject and photographer. With Matt’s already steady vintage style, and the look of the location, we came up with the idea for a more retro vibe. Initially I found him on Instagram and absolutely loved what I saw – and I am so glad he reached out to me! The future is always changing. Currently I am a cook, so right now I am planning to travel, while simultaneously learning new cuisines and meeting more creatives to work with!

– Jaime Regan Nicole


Nikon D600, Fujifilm X100F

Nikon 85mm 1.8

Nikon 50mm 1.8

– Natural light

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