Hazel and I met the first time that morning and hit it off straight away. There is nothing better than meeting a model for the first time and feeling comfortable and at home with each other. The concept is something I had been working on a lot recently with my projects, I want to create an at home personal feel to my sets capturing the in between natural moments. Hazel styled it herself which really brought the set to life. I originally messaged Hazel’s agency as I wanted an interesting look. Needless to say. Hazel’s beauty and look stood out straight away. Moving forward, I plan to just keep shooting and meeting awesome people and creating rad stories.

– Jakub Taylor

“Working with Jakub was easy. So comfortable and relaxed, which means getting into the flow of a shoot is so much easier and the images seem to come together more seamlessly. A comfortable team is a productive team. When you’re comfortable, you catch those “in between moments” the pure, raw, natural moments that just can’t be forced. The concept was Jakub’s and was briefed to me as an “at home with” type shoot…which is ideal for me and I do generally spend most of my time at home wearing nice lingerie! These pieces by Eustratia and Clementina being my favourites. My agent at VauHaus contacted me with regards to a photographer who wanted to shoot me. The photographer: Jakub. I was drawn in by his natural style / aesthetic and how beautiful and natural the women in his photographs looked. I knew I had to do it. I have shows coming up over the next few months, one of them with Eustratia who provided some of the pieces for this shoot. I love to keep myself busy with photo shoots. I don’t know how much I’m allowed to say but there is a big collaborative show between VauHaus and Eustratia next year which I will also be involved in…but that’s all I can say!

– Hazel W.


– Nikon 6D

– Canon 35mm Prime Lens

– Natural lighting

Wardrobe provided by

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