Fresh off of a weekend summer camping trip, Hailey soldiered through a sprained ankle and a gazillion mosquito bites for this shoot. After hearing about her injury and being ravaged by mosquitos during her get away, our team contemplated rescheduling this shoot so we could create under better circumstances. But we had very limited time to shoot with Dong during his time in Vancouver. So Hailey came through and we are very thankful for it. Not only did we shoot some amazing stuff, but getting to know the sweet and laid back nature of Hailey was very rewarding. This was our very first time working with both, Dong and Hailey. Familiar with both artists work, we were very eager for the opportunity to connect and share ideas.

The location was a rental space we found online in West Vancouver. The space had a lot of character and adequate light, which allowed us to create a moody lifestyle story. Given the status of her condition, Hailey did an amazing job for us. It was very hot in the space, and with no air conditioning it was barely manageable once we got the windows open. She is experienced and knows how to contort her body, and react to the click of the lens. A true natural who we can’t wait to shoot again with. Seriously, the possibilities with her are endless. The outfits fit the vibe of the simple makeshift moodboard we had put together. We paired some of Hailey’s personal pieces that she brought with her with some of the outfits we brought to style the shoot. Glam was provided by Nina Macapili. She did such a great job of keeping it fresh and simple.

Dong has a great creative eye, and be sure to stay tuned for some more collaborative work with him in the future to be published with our magazine. Scheduling seems to be the biggest obstacle that gets in the way of working with people we long to work with.

After some restaffing at the magazine, we are happy to publish all of the content we’ve previously created and are now creating new and fresh content again. So without further delay, we proudly present to you #CORUSCATE: Hailey Afton Porter by Dong Kim.

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