Fresh Fridays Volume 1

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Friday is here, finally! Add this playlist to your music rotation and let it roll during your commute when you leave your daily grind. If you are driving, be sure to turn it up loud. It is sure to pick you up and have you turning up for the weekend. Again, a little variety for everyone to enjoy and discover new tastes.

Jidenna – The Let Out
Rap/Hip Hop
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Jidenna’s debut album released last week with “The Let Out” as its deservedly lead single. Crank the volume, bob your head as you drive to this banger. The Classic Man is making classics!


Elley Duhé – Immortal
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Deep bass mixed with powerful vocals make for a great song most of the time. This is one of those times. The 24 year old independent artist from Alabama defines “Immortal” as having human resiliency and mental toughness to overcome life and its bleak moments. This is a strong track from a new artist. Definitely one to keep an eye on for 2017!


Baby Bash – Crack The Combination ft. Marty James
Rap/Hip Hop
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If you were Hall & Oates fan, you’ll be inclined to like this track. Reminiscent of some 80’s classic rock vibes, the catchy chorus makes up for Bash’s lone verse. We miss your West Coast rap flows Bash, however, we admire your ability and adaptability to make hits.


Virginia To Vegas – Fuck Me Up
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No stranger to the radio or to the Just Breeze team, Virginia To Vegas stays in our music rotation. This feel good song will have you wanting to dance and vibe to the catchy melody. VTV has the tropical house sound on lock and is sure to make more waves as he continues to put out quality music. Be on the lookout for our exclusive interview with him coming soon!


Justin Tremaine – Summer Love

Another regular of the Just Breeze team music rotation. This gem will have you feeling like summer came early by wanting to roll your windows down and turning the beat up. With a nice beat and soothing vocals, this song won’t tell the tale of just how immensly talented JT really is. Outside of music, you can catch this multi-faceted artist creating amazing visual content with his photo and video skills. Visit HERE to view some of his visual work. To put it simple, we are not sure what JT isn’t capable of. Be on the lookout for a future collaboration with Justin!


Allan Rayman – 13
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We still weren’t done listening to “Hotel Allan” and now Allan’s new project “Roadhouse 01” hits stores today! We are ecstatic to give it a listen especially after hearing “13”. This R&B infused song is another one that will have you pushing past the speed limit when cruising. The song is a reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s The Way You Make Me Feel and we can’t stop listening to it. What a talent.


Rationale – Recriprocate
Alternative R&B
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Infuse some funk into your listening by giving this track a listen. Rationale, the English singer-songwriter is set to release his debut self-titled album after a couple of nice EP’s. I know you’re bobbing your head, ’cause I can see you.


Aaron Taos – Off My Mind
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We’ve all felt crazy over that one person who can’t seem to leave our minds. Aaron Taos effortlessly depicts the feeling of a lover being out of reach through the catchy chorus on this track. Give it a listen if you’re suffering from obsession.

Aspiring musicians, we are always discovering new music to add to our playlists. If you are looking to be heard, please send us your music samples via the submission form. Who knows, you could end up on our Playlist Picks or even have a feature with us!

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