“Fiona was amazing to work with. Extremely friendly and professional. She showed up with a few looks that we talked through and considered. The entire shoot was very off the cuff and improvised as we didn’t have much time. We’d been following each other on social media for a while and I’d always intended to work with Fiona and thankfully we eventually managed to arrange something.

I have a few other sets planned and will be travelling in the not too distant future for some other campaigns and hopefully, some personal projects.”

Koray Hussein

“Koray was really easy to work with he made me feel really comfortable.  He had asked me to get a few colorful looks to go with our set location and we worked with what I had.  We had been following each other on Instagram and I always liked Koray’s work, so we thought why not collaborate, and we did and it was amazing!

I’m working my way up to being a successful dancer, and hopefully I’ll be able go to LA pretty soon. I’m traveling around at the moment doing shoots and doing dance shows.”

– Fiona Michelle


– Fuji XT-2

– 23mm 1.4 lens

– 35mm 1.4 lens

– 56mm 1.2 prime lens

– Natural light

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