“This shoot was dope! Evelyn and I found our groove pretty quickly, which gave us a little more extra time to shoot. We will definitely be working together again in the future. After shooting with a friend of mine, I thought I could bring a different look to the table. So I reached out and she was with it, so we made it happen. I had a few different ideas in my head going into it , but when she mentioned her room had great natural light it completely changed my gameplan. I had been wanting to shoot in a room with a lot of natural light since I first started this part of my journey in photography 7 months ago. I just wanna create dope shit with dope people and make a living while doing so. I like fashion, so an immediate goal would to be able link up with a clothing brand and shoot some looks for them. Also moving out to LA to be closer to the action is definitely on my radar.”

James Delaney

“James reached out to me so we were able to plan something out pretty quickly. We vibed right away which made it easy for me to feel completely comfortable with him while working together. I trusted his vision and he trusted mine. When deciding on a location to shoot I brought up the idea of my bedroom and how it had a lot of great natural lighting. The rest is history. I’m excited and looking forward  to what is ahead, as I have a lot planned for the summer!”

– Evelyn Robles

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