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Los Angeles based Emotional Oranges brings to the R&B table a new, juicy sound with tantalizing vocals and deep base-line instrumentals. With a band so mysterious – a boy and girl duo, they let their music do the talking. Their sound is perpetually hypnotizing, with dim lights and lit candle type of vibes. Chill and mystifying, their latest album The Juice: Vol 1 is what you’ll want to be playing late into the evening.

The Juice: Vol 1 will tug at your heart’s strings, squeezing every last drop of heartbreak, emotional progression, and relationship woes into this album. The album kicks off with Emotional Orange’s debut single “Motion” which talks about late-night cravings. The deep beats will make your head nod uncontrollably, as you let loose. This song was also made the official theme song for Ru Paul’s Drag race in 2018.

“Personal” is the next song on the track. Another single after the release of “Motion”, this song portrays a complicated relationship. The lyrics narrate both sides of the relationship, describing how the female is strongly attached to her lover and always takes things personal while the guy just wants to let loose and chill. This song alone got many hits for its smooth sounds and groovy bass. The storyline to this song is relatable and has listeners coming back for more, similar to the couple in the song coming back to each other for more.

“Hold You Back” describes a complicated love triangle of a guy who loves a woman who is in love with another woman. The first verse depicts a man heartbroken over the girl he loves leaving him for a woman. He tries to persuade her by telling her about the differences in affection, however the woman is evidently over him and feels content with the new love she has found. This song is a smooth, relaxed melody – anything but aggressive. It provides a new aspect of the complications that can be a part of relationships and love.

“Motion,” “Personal,” and “Hold You Back” are all part of a three-part song love story. Emotional Oranges describes it as a woman seducing her man in “Motion” looking for something temporary, but ends up taking it “Personal” and falling for him. After things didn’t work out, she grew tired of dealing with the same drama and left him for a girl in “Hold You Back.”

Emotional Oranges stays true to their name, with the heavily emotional song “Corners Of My Mind”. The inspiration for this song came from witnessing a friend go through an awful heartbreak. The song reflects on how they themselves would have reacted if they were to go through the same heartbreak. The song is accompanied by a soft acoustic sound, bringing all the raw emotions to life.

Having just completed their Chill Baby, Chill Tour across the U.S. and Europe, their growing fandom – the “citrus squad” seems to be ripening. With people such as Michelle Obama and Guy Fieri having both publicly championed the band, it’s safe to say that more and more people will be choosing to pick this ripe and juicy new group from the music tree and indulging in its refreshing creativity and unique flavour.

Personal’ is live everywhere you consume music! Please have make-up (or break-up) sex to this song and let us know how it goes 🧡🍊

– Emotional Oranges

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The Juice Volume 1 (2019)
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