“It was such a pleasure to finally work with this beautiful soul. I mean it’s been in the works for about a year and I was about to give up, but I just kept reaching out and it paid off! When working with E.Taylor, we just clicked and spoke through shutter clicks. Definitely a creative mixture of pure talent & goofy vibes.  If I’m not mistaken, I just asked her to bring a few things that I thought might work for the space and the rest is history. It almost looked like I had her pack an overnight bag and this is what she decided to take. Quite effortless if I had to describe it. I had been following her for a while and definitely had her on the radar to shoot. The only issue was I was in Miami at the time that she was in New York. I hadn’t traveled back home in a few years and decided it was time. So, I set a date to go up and booked a few other shoots keeping in mind that this would be my chance to work with her. Moving forward, I have Pinterest mood boards already created for when the time comes, serving as inspiration for other projects. Maybe a few billboards, gallery, and coffee table book.”

Ptah Quammie aka Art Crazy Photography

“It was a blast. There aren’t too many times you work with people and truly come to enjoy their company. Ptah was exactly that. A joy to work with. He has great communication both via the camera and when he comes out from behind the camera. Honestly, it was very spur of the moment. I had a few image inspirations as did Ptah, but there was a lot of leniency. Aside from keeping in mind what the space looked like and what we were trying to accomplish, it was pretty unpremeditated. So I pulled a bunch of looks from my closet that I knew I hadn’t shot in or worn. Trust me, I have options for days. Instagram is where we connected. We’d always shoot emails letting each other know when we were in town, but we would always miss each other by a hair. Then, I was finally in New York at the same time he was and we rolled out. We are both super busy bodies, but more importantly we’re both creatives. Although I wasn’t sure what Ptah had planned exactly, I knew it would be epic. For myself, I’m in a great building process. I’m prepping to launch my new website and I have a few really wicked events coming up, so I’m stoked to share it with all the people who really dig my work and more importantly to meet them first hand. Thanks so much to Just Breezies Magazine for the feature.”

E. Taylor

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