Kyle is a 24 year old photographer based in Seattle, Washington. His initial interest in photography stems from a childhood spent skateboarding and admiring the photography in all of the skateboarding magazines he would read. Kyle gradually stopped skateboarding as he got older, but his appreciation for photography only continued to grow. However, it wasn’t until 2013 that he would actually buy his first camera.

Kyle and a couple of his friends had planned a three month backpacking trip to Costa Rica, and Kyle figured that was good enough reason as any to finally pull the trigger on purchasing his first camera. The next three months were spent enjoying his travels and learning the basics of using his camera. He shot a lot of nature, random moments during their travels, and occasionally he would find people willing to let him practice portraiture with. After falling ill and almost dying twice, Kyle decided it was time he return to the US.

Once back in Seattle, Kyle decided to get serious about photography which began with learning how to use his camera correctly. After primarily shooting landscapes in Costa Rica, he naturally gravitated towards shooting city scapes and architecture in his home city of Seattle. Kyle soon began sharing his work via Instagram, under the name @dipsauce, and people slowly began to take notice. Although he very much enjoyed shooting city scapes and street photography, Kyle wanted to broaden his skillset and get back into shooting more portraiture. Eventually, a few photo shoots with friends got him noticed by various small clothing companies and local musicians. Of all the work he gained from this, Kyle most enjoyed shooting concerts. He would go on to shoot the likes of Caskey, Lil Debbie, Murs, iMayDay!, King Fantastic, DJ Eps, Graves33, and Mickey Avalon. While Kyle still enjoyed shooting concerts and such, he still felt as if he needed to do something more. Kyle began to take to the skies and try his hand at aerial photography. This soon became an obsession and Kyle began selling more prints than ever. While he doesn’t get to fly as often as he would like, aerial photography remains one of his favorite branches of photography. As for now, Kyle spends the majority of his time shooting street photography, selling prints, and shooting real estate photos for agents in the greater Seattle area.

As we near the beginning of 2016, Kyle is making it his goal to work more with models, musicians, and other creative artists. In spite of the fact that Kyle does not yet make a full time living off of photography, he knows that with his drive and dedication to the craft, the day of quitting his 9-5 and turning his passion into a living is growing near. It’s hard to ignore that talent and the vision of Kyle, be sure to check him out on Instagram and be sure to give him a follow.

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