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Coming off the success of his debut album Freudian, back in 2017, that earned him three Grammy nominations and took home an award for song “Best Part” with H.E.R., Daniel Caesar’s latest album Case Study 01 is a 10-track emotion fueled ride. The album came as a surprise to many and features cameos by superstars Brandy, John Mayer, and Pharell along with Sean Leon and Jacob Collier. The romantic sophomore album is the first full length album from the Canadian, unsigned artist and continues with eclectic tones and metaphoric lyrics to portray real emotions.

The first single off the album “Love Again”, a duet with R&B songstress Brandy who took over the 90’s with tracks like “I Wanna Be Down” and “Missing You”, is a melodic back and forth between two people in love.  “Love Again” breaks down the reality of modern day love filled with vulnerability. The two lovers keep holding back, miss each other, but just don’t know how to act. The soft acoustic beat allows for the lyrics to really shine to connect with the audience.

Even on your worst day / Love you in the worst way (Worst way) / Circling around for eternity / Going through the motions you’re turning me, internally / Drifting on my own again / Reaching out to hold your hand / I want to be alone with you

We all just want to feel love and feel secure.

One main difference on this album is the strong allude to sexual vibes that were only slightly there in his first album, but we don’t mind because it’s beautifully written.   With his soft voice and guitar, he tells the story of passion, love, confidence that’s set to a backdrop of heavy tones and soft base. The music comes at you with earthy vocals packed with hymnlike melodies, and fresh, up-beat progressions that set the mood for his lyrics.

“Frontal Lobe Muzik” with Pharell, brings the tempo up to a more relaxing and easy going track that tells you to just feel and let it go. Do what you want, don’t hold back, let your feelings be known and live your life.  On “Frontal Lobe Muzik” Caesar asserts a bit of confidence we aren’t used to.

The track “Superposition” with John Mayer tells us his emotions of what makes you happy but also makes you sad, and the contradictions of life. Chords hit at just the right beats to captivate you with the lyrics and pair nicely with John Mayer’s alluring guitar work. The song makes you delve deep into your own mind. Living, love, life, it’s not easy but our passion, love keeps us going.

Case Study 01 demonstrates that Daniel Caesar is a beautiful storyteller and there’s more we can expect from him.

Exist in superposition / Life’s all about contradiction / Yin and yang / Fluidity and things / I’m me,  / I’m God / I’m everything / I’m my own reason why I sing

– Daniel Caesar (Lyrics from “SUPERPOSITION”)

Discography Timeline

Case Study 01 (2019)
daniel caesar case study 01 album cover
Freudian (2017)
daniel caesar freudian album cover
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