“I’ve known Dani for a few years; can’t even recall how we met. But at some point she mentioned we should shoot. Heck, I’m pretty simple- I like taking beautiful and interesting pictures of beautiful and interesting women so yeah, I was down. The hard part is always trying to get our schedules to jive! 🙂

The plan was simply to find a nice serene spot with and sunset glow and let Dani be her wonderful self. A little mood, a touch of ambiguity and ta-da!, a lovely set of images.”

– Mortonovich

“Working with Mortonovich is always fun and exciting whether it’s a last minute shoot to something that has been planned out. We always have a blast together! This particular shoot was actually a last minute location as the other spot didn’t quite work out so well. We met years ago before I had even started modeling and was doing makeup on sets, he used me as a makeup artist and insisted that we shoot together and now we have been shooting for years! “

– Dani Lang


– Nikon D700

– 50mm prime lens (damaged)

– Natural lighting

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