Turn on the radio and you’re not going to catch Cris Cab playing on every station nor will you see his videos playing all over MTV. Jump on Spotify, search Cris Cab and you’ll be hooked. The 23-year old Cuban American out of Miami delivers a cool sound that’s a mix of reggae, pop, funk, rock, soul fusion, and R&B. Now with his first full album under his belt, this youngster is slowly making his way to the spotlight.

From a young age, Cris Cab, born Cristian Caberizo, to Cuban parents was influenced by the sounds of the islands when he spent summers in the Bahamas. Here he found a passion for music and wrote his own music with a reggae flare. By the time he was 14, he was in the studio recording demos with his dad that would eventually make their way to producers including one in particular. Pharrell Williams.

Cab began to gain recognition throughout the music scene and became a staple in the online media world with features on well known sites like PerezHilton.com, JustJared.com, and the music bible, Billboard.com. From there Cab began to take on the concert circuit opening for acts such as Gym Class Heroes, Matisyahu, T-Pain, and more before signing his first deal in 2011 when he recorded his first EP as well as his first original single “Good Girls” written by Anthony Bell, Pharrell Williams, and Cab. It was later remixed with Big Sean on his first mixtape.

Continuing to gain the support of internationally known musicians led to the release of his first full-length mixtape, “Echo Boom, featuring Shaggy, Mavado, Pharrell Williams and more.

Throughout the years, Cab has continued to work the crowds at concerts throughout the world and released a second full-length EP on Def Jam Records titled “Rise, featuring guest appearances from Wyclef Jean on his track “She’s So Fly”.  Fast forward to 2014, Cab released his first full-length album “Where I Belong on Island Def Jam Records. The album featured tracks written by Dallas Austin, Pharrell Williams, Anthony Bell, Wyclef Jean, and Cab himself.

His latest single out in 2015 “Englishman In New-York” featuring Tefa & Moox, and Willy William returns to his relaxed, bohemian R&B sound that you’ll have yourself replaying over and over. Cab has a cool vibe that you just can’t help to like. His unique sound captivates the attention of a wide range of fans from R&B lovers to pop music. To put it simply he’s a mix of Bob Marley, John Mayer, with a little Chris Martin, Coldplay action and Pharrell twist. He’s an artist to keep on your radar and this is only the beginning for him. His next album “Bada Bing” is coming out soon so stay tuned.

For me, it’s anywhere anytime that I have my guitar. I feel really comfortable, I don’t know why. I just feel good. Also, every morning I just wake up and I sit in my room and just play guitar for hours. That’s probably the most comfortable I am, the most relaxed I am all day.

– Cris Cab

(Popcrush Interview)

Discography Timeline

Where I Belong (2014)
cris cab where i belong cover
Red Road (2013)
cris cab red road cover
Rise EP (2013)
cris cab rise cover
Echo Boom EP (2012)
cris cab echo boom ep cover
Foreword EP (2011)
cris cab foreword ep cover
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