“This shoot was barely planned. We knew we wanted to make something amazing happen together and we knew the day we were going to do it. Colleen jumped in the car and drove several hours from Dallas to Houston just so that we could get a shoot in before I relocated. It’s safe to say this was a fantastic photo shoot for both of us. Colleen is so energetic, outgoing and aware of her movements and posing that it was impossible to get a bad picture of her. I’m honored that she made the effort to work with me before I left the great state of Texas and I hope we will make it happen again soon.”

– Michael Wilkes

“Michael and I had discussed that we wanted to shoot together before he moved to San Francisco, so I knew I had to get my butt down to Houston. I don’t mind driving from Dallas and it really wasn’t a long trip at all. We really wanted a light and airy feel to the shoot…something casual but sexy. Michael is super laid back and we would crack jokes in between takes so the mood was fun. I hate it when you don’t have a connection with the photographer and there is nothing but silence. I’m a goofball and would much rather enjoy the experience; you can definitely read my face and won’t get amazing photos if I’m in a bad mood. So we threw on some music and went from there. I’m just sad that he’s moving to the coast and won’t be a quick car ride away anymore!”

– Colleen Elizabeth

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