The Just Breeze team is always looking to collaborate with artists and brands from all parts of the world. We stay inspired and love nothing more than to be able to CREATE¬†with other creatives, experienced and new. If you are interested in collaborating with our team for a feature on our platform, please view our CASTING section first as we may have a project cooking up near you! Otherwise please fill out the form below where you will be added to our wide database. From here, a rep from our staff will follow up with you when planning a project near you! Let’s CREATE!


We are often creating and producing high quality content and as a result we end up assisting¬†photographers, models, make up artists, stylists etc. to grow their outreach in addition to expanding their portfolios. With a wide audience and ever growing following. Our aim is to leave a lasting impression within the online community with the content we create and to bring attention to your artwork. If you are super inspired, looking to expand your portfolio or to network or just because you’re bored and looking for a change up, get in touch with a member from our team and we can set something up with you. To do so, we kindly ask you to provide your information below. After completing the form, please allow for some time to have someone follow up as we are likely finishing up previous projects! Let’s CREATE!

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