“It was totally fun to work with Clara. I loved her modeling style and the poses she struck and just the way she behaves in front the camera. When we got kicked out of a nearby park because of doing photos we laughed and went to The Seine where we finished our perfect photo shoot. After that we had to stop for short coffee of course.

The idea of the concept was very spontaneous. I visited Paris for a few days and wanted to do a natural photo shoot in the streets of Paris.
She was wearing a wonderful black bodysuit with a beige trench coat.

As a Instagram junkie I always try to find new and interesting faces. When I found Clara on Instagram, I was stunned. She is such a beauty.
So I just wrote her a short message and afters some minutes the shooting plan was finished.

I want to find more interesting people like Clara to have fun with and doing some great photos. Discover new styles, techniques and trends in the business.”

Mark Aurel

“Mark and I, we loved each other’s work as soon as we got in touch over Instagram. This first shoot was completely different from what I saw on his page and what I usually shoot, but we did it so naturally that we just had a lot of fun and then decided to work together again for different sorts of projects.

I usually (most of the time actually) do some indoor nudes principally because of the weather outside (a lot of photographers want to do some nudes but don’t pay attention to the conditions for the model during a shoot outdoor in wintertime). Mark was coming to Paris for holidays and we decided to make something different, something less sexy. So we just walked around Paris to discover some nice spots to stop and shoot. We had a beautiful sunny day and this trench coat was just perfect for this moment.

I try to travel as much as possible for my photo shoots. I like to discover new countries, new work and new people. Last year I stayed in Germany for 3 months for a dance contract and I got in touch several German photographers. It’s the country where I travel the most for my shoots right now. One thing leading to another, I discovered Mark on Instagram and we instantly had this “creative” feeling. That’s why we decided to plan this shoot given that he was coming to Paris. I had been back in Germany one month after this shoot and of course we planned an other one!

In the future I want to keep traveling, further than Europe. I think the US is calling me! And of course, to work together with Mark again would be great! 😉

– Clara Rene


– Fuji XT-2

– 16mm 1.4 lens

– 23mm 1.4 lens

– 56mm 1.2 prime lens

– Natural light

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